Cyril Lapoirie’s MESSAGE Setup

Photos Guillaume KOLLY

Photos Guillaume KOLLY

French park machine Cyril Lapoirie recently built up our new 2017 skatepark focussed MESSAGE frame in the mind-bending "Spectral Silver" colourway. Whilst out at FISE this weekend, the guys at Frenchy's Distribution managed to meet up with Cyril and find out more about his new ride, and why he's hyped on it so much.

Frame: Wethepeople MESSAGE 20.6"

Bars: Wethepeople MADMAX 8.7"

Fork: Eclat Stream

Crank: Eclat Onyx 24mm 170mm

Stem: Eclat Mercury

Headset: Wethepeople Compact

Pedals: Eclat Surge CNC

Rear Wheel: Profile Elite hub / Eclat Mercury rim / Maxxis tire

Front Wheel: 34R hub / Eclat Mercury rim / Maxxis tire

Sprocket: Fit 28t

Seat: Eclat Unify Slim combo seat

It’s super reactive and perfect for spinning tricks.
— Cyril Lapoirie

butted, seamless 4130 chromoly tubing japanese

20.3"or 20.6" TT

13" slammed, 13.2" centered

HT: 75.5 °, ST: 71 °

mid-bb width: 74mm, height: 11.5 ", cnc machined and heat-treated

drilled for gyro tabs, cnc machined and heat-treated, integ. h / set

6mm thick laser cut and heat-treated, removable chain tensioners

glossy black, spectral silver

 2.295kg - 5.08lbs (20.6")

How long have you been riding the MESSAGE frame?

Not long. I built up a new bike for the Summer. I've been riding the MESSAGE frame for around a month now I guess.

How are you liking the frame so far?

With the park geometry, (20.6"/ 13” and 75.5”), it’s super reactive and perfect for spinning tricks. It takes a little of the old Scorpio frame geometry, which is what I was riding before. but has a lower bottom bracket which gives me more stability. in the air which is great.

I would strongly recommend this frame for park riders, or anyone looking for a short, responsive frame which is also crazy strong in the backend. It's such a reactive frame, but is also completely dependable, especially for doing bigger stuff.

What's your favorite feature on the frame?

The frame has integrated chain tensioners, it’s an awesome feature! This is the end of the wheel adjustment problems I had in the past, so it’s perfect for guys like me who normally ride brakes because your chain is always centered!