First Look - The DOOMSAYER Frame


You can't beat a fresh setup. We just received first samples of Jordan Godwin's upcoming signature DOOMSAYER frame, and after sending a 20.75" setup to the man himself, WETHEPEOPLE's Product Developer Dave Paterson built up a 21" prototype in Matt Canary Yellow. Find out more about the specs, technology and features behind one of our most heavily anticipated frames yet...

"Working with Jordan on his own signature frame was a super fun project from the very start. We were able to combine brand new geometry, together with some relativly new features from our current frame lineup, resulting in an incredibly strong and agile street frame with smooth and balanced aesthetics."

"Jordan had been riding the BATTLESHIP frame for the past few years, but when it came to having his own PRO model, he wanted to make some pretty drastic changes to the geometry to suit how his riding had evolved during that time. The first thing we did was actually lengthen the chainstays a small amount to 12.95" slammed and 13.2' in the centre of the dropout. Whilst Jordan does a lot of technical riding and benefits from a short backend, he's also no stranger to sending it on huge 360's and steep rails, so this 0.25" increase was to allow for a slightly more stable backend on bigger gaps and drops, whilst keeping the frame still very responsive and agile for spinning tricks.

From there we steepened up the head tube from 75.5 to 76.25 degrees making it the steepest head tube angle we've ever used on a frame. Whilst this may seem pretty wild, Jordan was very specific in that he wanted a steeper front end after riding Felix's signature PATHFINDER frame (which uses a 76 degree angle) and really enjoying how it felt. When compared with the BATTLESHIP, The ultra-steep head tube angle on the DOOMSAYER effectively shortens the wheelbase to compensate the slight increase in chain stay length, keep this frame super responsive in the front end. 

Another unique feature on the DOOMSAYER is the taller 11.9" bottom bracket height. Jordan has a healthy addiction for crooked grinds, and with running a 28t sprocket, this increase in bottom bracket hight allows for more clearance between the sprocket and the rail. The taller BB also gives the bike a snappier feels and adds to the general responsive feel of the bike. All in all this frame has some very unique geometry which caters perfectly to Jordan's blend of technical and burly riding."

download (3).png

A: Top Tube:  20.5"/20.75"/21"

B: Chain Stay: 12.95" slammed, 13.2" cenetred

C: Head Tube Angle: 76.25°

D: Seat Tube Angle: 71°

E: Bottom Bracket Height: 11.9”

F: Stand Over Height: 9”

"The most obvious thing you'll really notice when seeing the DOOMSAYER for the first time is the new use of Hydroformed tubing compared to our BATTLESHIP frame. We kept the hydroformed gussets on the downtube, but moved the top tube gusset towards the back of the tube at the seat tube connection. This is mainly down to the fact that Jordan's riding puts a lot of stress through the center and back of the of the frame through hard spins and harsh landings. The strengthened seat tube area is backed up by using oversize 20.5mm tapered seat stays, drastically improving the stiffness and strength of the backend of the frame. To compensate with the removal of the top headtube gusset we used a special 1.5mm butted tube as well as a new 1.8mm welding rod at the junction. This much thicker tube acts like an internal gusset, and the increase sizes of the welding rod ensures an absolutely flawless connection and an incredibly strong frame."

"The DOOMSAYER uses a new taller 127mm head tube with a smoother shape (matches the BB shell) which is complimented by the 7.5mm thick invest casted dropouts with integrated chain tensioners. These dropouts have been designed to fit perfectly to the taped stays and allow plenty of clearance for plastic pegs and hub guards, even with the wheel fully slammed at 12.95". A few other important features on this frame are the use of a standard alloy seat clamp over an integrated seat clamp, and the ovalised chain stays to allow the use of a 28t sprocket, both of these specifications coming straight from Jordan based on his personal preference.

The frame will come with no brake mounts or hardware, emphasising the clean and smooth look Jordan really wanted. The first batch of frames will be available in September and will be available in 20.5", 20.75" and 21" top tube lengths (with longer options also possible later in the year), and the choice of Matt Canary Yellow (pictured), Matt Raw, Matt Black and a limited edition Matt Pink (Jordan is running right now). As with all WETHEPEOPLE frames, the DOOMSAYER will be fully covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. If you've been following his Instagram (@jordangoooodwin) Jordan has been putting his sample through it's paces already and we already have other guys on the team lining up to help us test the samples and dial them in before production."


Frame: WTP "Doomsayer" Jordan Godwin signature 21'' prototype

Fork: Eclat Storm Fork 25mm

Bars: Eclat Chocolate 9", 25.4mm OS clamping, cut down to 26.75"

Grips/Barends: Eclat Bruno (original 3 year old samples), prototype barends

Stem: Saltplus Field 25.4mm OS, this is the very first 25.4mm stem prototype we ever made and has been through about 5 different riders whilst we developed the 25.4mm Oversize system. It finally made it's way back to me almost 4 years later.

Headset: Eclat Cargo Low

Seat: Eclat Prototype, slim

Seatpost: Eclat Torch

Seatclamp: WTP Supreme

Bottom Bracket: Saltplus ECHO

Sprocket: WTP Pathfinder 28t

Chain: Eclat Stroke

Cranks: Eclat Onyx 165mm, new 2018 24mm spindle version

Pedals: WTP Logic Pedal prototype

Tires: Eclat Mirage Kevlar 2.35"

Front wheel: Eclat Trippin XL rim, Saltplus Trapez hub / Eclat Servo 4140 guard

Rear wheel: Saltplus Messa Rim, Eclat Dynamic Cassette hub LSD / Eclat Dynamic 4140 guard

Pegs: Eclat Slotmachine 4.5"