Felix Prangenberg Bike Check

Wethepeople PRO Felix Prangenberg just came back from 6 weeks out in California filming for a new video project and ended up coming 2nd at the Vans HB Street open last weekend. Felix stopped by the office to build a fresh bike setup featuring his signature PATHFINDER frame, 4pc bar and sprocket, as well as prototypes of our new LOGIC pedal and his signature bolt-on alloy guard for his sprocket.

We sat down with Felix to find out more about his latest setup and why he's stoked on how it's running.


Frame: WTP "Pathfinder" Felix Prangenberg signature 20.75"

Fork: WTP Battleship 24mm offset

Bars: WTP "Pathfinder" Felix Prangenberg signature 9.6" rise, 25.4mm OS clamping, cut to 27.5"

Grips/Barends: WTP Hilst XL in Sand

Stem: WTP Hydra 36mm rise, 25.4mm OS clamping

Headset: WTP Compact

Seat: WTP Team Pivotal Fat

Seatpost: WTP Socket Pivotal Post 20mm

Bottom Bracket: WTP Compact

Sprocket: WTP Pathfinder 25t with prototype Pathfinder bolt-on guard

Chain: Eclat Stroke

Cranks: WTP Legacy 165mm

Pedals: WTP Logic Pedal prototype

Tires: WTP Stickin 2.30" in Sand

Front wheel: WTP Logic Rim, WTP Supreme hub with x2 Nylon hub guards

Front wheel: WTP Logic Rim, WTP Helix Freecoaster hub with x2 Nylon hub guards

Pegs: WTP Dill Pickle Pegs 4,5" x4

"It feels amazing to be riding a bike which is almost 100% Wethepeople deisgned."

"I'm stoked to build up a fresh bike after mine took a beating our in Cali the past few months. I've decided to go with my signature 20.75" Pathfinder frame in the Trans Rooter finish and my signature 9.6" bars in the oversize 25.4mm clamping, together with all WTP parts. Now I've got the LOGIC wheels and pedals on there, It feels amazing to be riding a bike which is almost 100% Wethepeople designed."

"I decided to mix it up this time and add some more colour to my bike. The new Sand colour way STICKIN tires and HILT XL grips go really well with the Translucent Rootber on the frame, and the fact that the stickers match is also a really nice touch. This is one of the more colourful bikes I've had but I'm really into it."

"I'm really excited to try my new prototype  bolt-on guard for my sprocket which will be dropping later this year. It allows anyone who has already purchased my sprocket to convert it to a guard sprocket really easily. The guard itself is super strong and actually uses x4 sprocket bolts to attach it to the sprocket which is really unique and keeps it super strong and tough. I'm also running samples of the new WTP LOGIC pedal. These have a large platform and feel really nice on your feet.

Now I'm back in Germany I'm going to be working on some new projects, but I'm really excited for everyone to see my new video part which I've been working on with Grant Castelluzzo out in California the past few months."

Felix's signature PATHFINDER line is available now worldwide. Hit the links bellow for more info on his parts, and contact your local BMX shop for availability.