First Look - The Dan Kruk NETWORK Frame


A long time in the works, here is your first look at Wethepeople PRO Dan Kruk’s first signature Frame, the NETWORK.

When we first sat down with Dan to work on a full signature model, ideas were flowing straight out of the gate. Dan gave us some very specific geometry and demands for how his frame should be, we took these and combined them with some brand new features, making the NETWORK something truly special. Dan was with us out in New York the past week so we took the opportunity to take a closer look at his new setup.


You must be hyped to be on the first sample of your very first signature frame. How long has this been in the works for?

I’m super excited. We’ve been working on it for roughly a year I guess, so being able to ride the actual thing and to see how it rides is something I’ve been patiently waiting for. It all started when we sat down to discuss changes and improvements I wanted to make to the current Battleship frame. With many of those changes being so specific to my riding style and the Battleship being a team frame, it naturally evolved into my my own signature frame design.

Tell us a bit about the unique geometry and features on the NETWORK frame that really make it your own?

The reason I chose such technical geometry for my signature Network frame is simple, responsiveness. Having such a short 12.5” chain stay makes spinning in or out of any trick way easier. The steeper 75.75 degree head tube angle is the same way, quicker to get to the balance points, carving and any other way the front wheel moves. The wheelbase is much shorter than any other frame i’ve ridden and I just love how it feels.

The Taller 9.15” standover makes the bike look more like a bike and not like a scooter. I feel like a taller frame makes a bike look way more stylish and makes Barspins feel more stable. The yoke idea comes from just wanting more tire and sprocket clearance. You can only go so short with a frame until those two things start becoming a problem. So with my Network frame there is room for up to a 28t sprocket as well as a 2.5 tire.

It’s no secret that you put your bike through pure hell during the filming process. What are some of the upgrades the NETWORK frame gains to help a rider push through the limits.

One thing that really helps is the 20.5mm oversize seat stays. Paired up with the invest casted yoke, these two features stiffen up the backend and help with all the stress that my riding puts a frame through. We carried over my special dropout design from my Battleship frame. These dropouts are 6mm thick but use a slightly shorter shape that won’t snag or hang on a ledge or rail during grinding. The hydrofomed tubing was a must have for me. It made the Battleship frame the best and strongest frames I’d ever ridden and when it came to my own signature model it was a no brainer. My frame also has a 6mm seat clamp bolt, not a huge thing but now I don’t have to bring a 5mm with me when I go ride which is nice.

Whats with the name? Why the NETWORK?

Technical frame, technical name.

Did you move your bars back?

Maybe a little to compensate with the steeper head tube haha

Dan’s frame will be one of the first frames to utilise our new invest casted yoke. This unique 3D feature allows for a super short 12.5” chain stay length whilst still providing ample tire and sprocket clearance. The tapered design of the yoke allows for a larger contact area between the stays and the bottom bracket, making the NETWORK incredibly strong and resistant to twisting.



A: Top Tube:  20.5”, 20.8" or 21.1"

B: Chain Stay: 12.5" with 25/9, 12.65” with 28/9

C: Head Tube Angle: 75.75°

D: Seat Tube Angle: 71°

E: Bottom Bracket Height: 11.85”

F: Stand Over Height: 9.15"


FRAME - WTP NETWORK 21.1” in Hologram Silver


BAR - WTP STALLIS Bar, 9.25”, 25.4mm OS clamping

STEM - WTP GOOSENECK 25.4mm OS Clamping



CRANK - Madera Batam 165mm

SPROCKET - Madera Signet 25t


SEAT - WTP Team Pivotal

POST - WTP Socket Pivotal with built in 17mm ratchet

FRONT WHEEL - Madera Front Hub, Logic Rim

REAR WHEEL - WTP Helix Freecoaster Hub, Logic Rim

TIRES - WTP Overbite 2.35”

PEGS - WTP Dill Pickle Pegs 4.5”

The NETWORK Frame will be available Fall 2019 in 20.5”, 20.8” and 21.1” top tube lengths, as well as being backed up by our LIFETIME GUARANTEE.