Mo Nussbaumer #BATTLESHIP Check

Cassette hub loving steeze machine and all around awesome human being Mo Nussbaumer just made the switch over to the BATTLESHIP frame and built up a brand new bike in Dan Kruk's signature #KONFETTI Black colourway. Mo always builds incredible looking bikes and this one is no exception. 

Frame: Wethepeople BATTLESHIP 21" Dan Kruk #Konfetti Black

Fork: Odyssey

Bar: Wethepeople 9" SWITCH Bar

Stem: Odyssey

Headset: Odyssey

Seat: Odyssey

Post: Wethepeople Tripod Post

Cranks: Odyssey 170mm

Sprocket: Odyssey

Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC

Chain: Saltplus HQ

Front Wheel: Odyssey

Rear Wheel: Odyssey

Tires: Wethepeople Feelin Tires 2.35' front, 2.25" rear

Pegs: Wethepeople Dill Pickle 4.5" pegs x4

Once you ride that shorter 12.7” backend, you can’t go back.
— Mo Nussbaumer

Favorite part on your bike?

Probably the Feelin tires, especially the new bigger 2.35" version I have up front. The Feelin's are the best tires I've ever ridden, they are super grippy on all surfaces, but also really low in weight. I must also say the Switch Bar, it feels good and I really dig the crossbar.

Newest part

Everything, the whole bike is brand new.

Oldest part

Nothing haha, lucky me!

You just switched up from the Patron and are now riding the Battleship frame, how are you finding it?

Although I haven't had that long to get used to it, I'm really into it. It's sick, for sure the best frame I've ever had. The backend is the shortest I think I've ever run, but I'm really into it. It makes stuff so much easier. Once you ride that shorter 12.7" backend, you can't go back. It's just makes everything so much more fun to do.


Being a street technician, what are your top 5 flat ledge tricks?

  1. icepick grinds to 180s, with plastic pegs (that's why I run them haha)
  2. The good old feeble switch 360
  3. Those pedal feeble/crankarms are fun
  4. Hang 5 whiplash, probably the best feeling possible on a bike
  5. Ice to bars

How has your bikes changed in past 10 years?

It's funny because I actually started riding exactly 10 years ago, my first bike was a 2007 WTP addict, it was sick! It had a rear break, no pegs, and was for sure a lot smaller than what I'm riding these days. My current bike is much longer and taller (thank god).

Photo Silas Neidhart

Photo Silas Neidhart

If you need any proof of what Mo is capable of, make sure you watch his 2016 video part right here.