Coming Soon: The Pathfinder Frame

Hard work pays off. Felix Prangenberg has been slaying it all year long, on anything his tires touch. Street, park, even trails: Felix's riding sees no boundaries. After his incredible opening section in our new DVD Foundation, it was only a matter of time before we rewarded Felix with his very own signature frame.

Felix stopped by the Wethepeople office today to build up some fresh 2018 samples including the first prototype of his signature #PATHFINDER frame, something we've been cooking up for a while now. Mirroring Felix's new school blend of all around riding, the Pathfinder frame features progressive geometry and some innovative new features that havnt been used before on a conventional BMX frame. 

Frame: Wethepeople PATHFINDER sample 20.75"

Bars: Wethepeople PATHFINDER sample, 9.6" rise, 25.4mm clamping

Fork: Wethepeople BATTLESHIP sample, 24mm offset

Crank: Eclat Tibia 165mm

Chain: Eclat Diesel 

Stem: Wethepeople Hydra 36mm rise, 25.4mm clamping

Headset: Eclat Cargo

Pedals: Eclat Slash

Rear Wheel: Wethepeople Helix Freecoaster / Eclat Polar Rim 

Front Wheel: Wethepeople Supreme Front Hub / Eclat Raven Rim

Tires: Wethepeople Feelin 2.35"

Sprocket: Wethepeople PATHFINDER 25t

Seat: Wethepeople Pivotal Sample

Post: Eclat Torch Pivotal

Pegs: Wethepeople Dill Pickle 4.5"


butted, seamless 4130 chromoly tubing japanese

20.75"or 21" TT

13" slammed, 13.2" centered

HT: 76 °, ST: 71 °


mid-bb width: 74mm, height: 11.7 ", cnc machined and heat-treated

taller 127mm length, cnc machined and heat-treated, integ. h / set

6mm thick laser cut and heat-treated, with extra room for plastic pegs and hub guards even when slammed

super steep 76-degree headtube and shorter 13" (slammed) chainstays for responsive geometry, 

fully brakeless design

Extruded chainstays and offset thickness bottom bracket for grind protection

Root Beer, ED Black

 2.4kg - 5.3lbs (20.75")

What really sets the PATHFINDER apart from any other frame we've ever produced is the extruded chainstays and offset thickness bottom bracket shell. When we first started a discussion with Felix about having his very own frame, one of the first issues he brought up was the damage his frames always suffer through grinding. The chainstays and bottom bracket shell on his frame were often the first parts to really suffer heavy damage due to crankarm grinds and the way his bike makes contact with the rail or ledge on certain tricks.

This was an issue we had seen other team riders bring up in the past, especially heavy grinders and even pegless riders like Pete Sawyer who depend on the chain stays and bottom bracket shell to grind on. We set to work on a solution that both improved the durability of the frame, without a huge increase in weight, and after a few round of samples for the tubing shape, the chainstays and bottom bracket worked perfectly without being too over built. By extruding the chainstays we were able to add more material in the areas where denting occurs, and less material in the places where it wasn't needed which greatly helped keep the weight down. We were also able to do this on the bottom bracket shell to achive a simialr effect.

Whilst it's true some riders don't have any clue about the geometry on their own bikes, in Felix's case, he could not be any more clued up on the matter. Felix has ridden a good amount of the different frames we offer over the years, and knew exactly how his signature frame should measure up. Felix wanted an even steeper 76 degree headtube angle, paired up with a shorter 13" - 13.2" chainstay and a taller 9.35" standover height and 127mm headtube. The combination of steep angles and taller geometry makes for an extremely responsive and agile ride, yet still being incredibly strong and stiff. This mix of height and length make the PATHFINDER frame perfect for spins and whips, yet more than robust enough if you want to pedal Mach 10 at a quater and hit the boost button.

Arriving with Felix's frame prototype was a sample of our new BATTLESHIP invest cast fork which will be available later this year. Built on the same premise as the frame, the Battleship fork is a super strong and responsive street fork with 6mm thick invest cast dropouts and a short 24mm offset. The specially designed invest cast shape flares out adding more material further up the dropout blade, allowing the fork to be incridbly strong yet still fit larger diameter plastic pegs and hub guards perfectly. Like all of our forks, the Battleship will be backed by a full lifetime guarantee.

Fresh out of the sample box is our new super thin MANTA grip. Arriving at Wethepeople dealers later this year, the Manta uses a very special wave pattern which allows the grip to be much thinner in diameter for riders who prefer a closer feel to the bars. Using our super soft rubber compound and measuring up slightly longer than most grips at 160mm, if you are a fan of thinner grips (like Felix) you are going to love these things when they drop.

The trifecta. Felix is running his signature PATHFINDER sprocket (which is available now worldwide) and a sample of his signature 9.6" PATHFINDER 4pc bars in the oversize 25.4mm clamping option for added security and strength.

Felix will be testing his frame and bars to the limit over the next few months to ensure that the final products are perfect as they can possibly be. Felix has been hard at work on the PATHFINDER promo video, which going by what we've already seen will blow your mind, so be on the lookout for the final PATHFINDER line available at bike shops worldwide later this year.