Paul Thoelen Bike Check

Our resident transition slayer and all around awesome dude Paul Thoelen stopped by the office last week to build up a freshie. Paul, being the perfect match for the frame, is now riding the production sample of our new all-round REVOLVER frame which we previewed earlier this year. Take a closer look at his new blacked out setup complete with some 2018 samples including our new OVERBITE tire and LOGIC rims.

We laced Paul up a set of fresh wheels based around our incredibly popular Supreme hubs laced up to samples of our new LOGIC rim. The Logic rims feature a slightly wider rim profile with much thicker (fully brake compatible) sidewall making for a stronger and stiffer wheel that can hold up to just about anything from hang-ups on quaters to hard 540s. The Logic rims will be available in a flash welded version and also a lower priced sleeved version which is what Paul is riding right now. The Logic rims will be available later this year both as a rim or laced up as complete wheels to our Supreme and Helix Hubs. 

Paul is also rolling on our new 2.35" OVERBITE tire, a fast but grippy all-round tire with increased tread on the outside for added traction. Perfect for cement, wood and trails, the production Overbite tire will be rated to 110psi and will weigh much less than your typical tire at only 23oz for the 2.35".

Paul runs a full kit of WETHEPEOPLE parts including our super light weight MESSAGE park fork, 25.4mm Dillon Lloyd BUCK bars, LEGACY 175mm cranks, 28t PATHFINDER sprocket and a Slim TEAM tripod seat setup. all of these parts are available now from Wethepeople dealers worldwide.

Frame: Wethepeople REVOLVER sample 21.25"

Bars: Wethepeople BUCK 9.15" rise, 25.4mm clamping

Fork: Wethepeople MESSAGE, 28mm offset

Crank: Wethepeople LEGACY 175mm

Chain: Saltplus Warlock

Stem: Wethepeople HYDRA 26mm rise, 25.4mm clamping

Headset: Wethepeople COMPACT

Pedals: Saltplus Stealth Sealed Bearing

Rear Wheel: Wethepeople SUPREME Cassette / Wethepeople LOGIC Rim sample

Front Wheel: Wethepeople SUPREME Front Hub / Wethepeople LOGIC Rim sample

Tires: Wethepeople OVERBITE 2.35" Sample

Sprocket: Wethepeople PATHFINDER 28t

Seat: Wethepeople TRIPOD slim

Post: Wethepeople TRIPOD


butted, seamless 4130 chromoly tubing japanese

20.75", 21" or 21.25"

13.25" - 13.75", optimized for 13.25" & 13.5"

HT: 74.85°, ST: 71 °


mid-bb width: 74mm, height: 11.75", heat treated and cnc machined to match head tube

cnc machined and heat-treated, integ. h/set, drilled for gyro tabs


Investment cast 7.5mm, integrated chain tensioners, 4130 crmo, heat-treated, 


The ultimate all-round frame, designed to go big on any surface

127mm tall headtube for less spacers with an uncut fork

Investment cast wishbone design for an extra stiff backend

Includes WTP Supreme 6061-T6 alloy aftermarket seat clamp

Larger radius stay tubing for a stiffer and stronger back end

ED Black, Clear Raw

 2.25kg - 5.1lbs (21")

A frame that was created with the sole intention of shredding on any terrain, the REVOLVER frame is perfect for a guy like Paul who likes to switch it up from time to time and ride a lot of different terrains.

We used larger diameter rear tubing and an invest cast wishbone, to not only give the Revolver a strong and unique look but more importantly to strengthen and stiffen the whole frame up - giving it a stable yet responsive feel. Combined with our new 7.5mm thick invest cast dropouts with integrated chain tensioners the Revolver is a deadly weapon capable of just about anything. The Revolver has a very diffrent look to any of the other frames on the market and that's soemthing Paul was really stoekd about.