Max Gaertig

FULL FRAME #003: Max Gaertig

FULL FRAME #003: Max Gaertig

After a few attempts going down the rail Max turned around, shrugged his shoulders and said, "yeh lets do it". After that we all took our positions, I was across the road filming the second angle and all I could look at was the narrow gap between the end of the rail and the lamp post - a gap of maybe 3-4 feet.

Max in Indonesia

So Max just sent me a photos from his trip to Indonesia, where he stayed with our distro WIM Cycles. Max told me how the trip was a very interesting insight into the Bmx scene in Jakarta, Indonesia, how the kids were stoked to have a visitor from Europe and he was happy to see a relatively young scene starting to get BMX off the ground with a lot of street riding in the future. Thanks to Wim Cycles and Asosiasi BMX Indonesia for having him! Heres a few photos and a little bit of Indonesian tourist info from Max.

I got to Indonesia right from another roadtrip so I didnt have enough clean shirts, the dudes from Moshe Stuff helped me out with some awesome quality T shirts! This is one I got!

The government supports BMX in Indonesia to keep kids from taking drugs, so they gave WIM cycles (The Wethpeople distro in Indonesia) a letter that allowed them to hold bmx jams almost anywhere right away, why dont we have that kind of letter?

The nice guy from asosiasi BMX indonesia got us into Seaworld Indonesia for free, in there we also got a 'fish-massage', where you put your legs in the water and small fish aggressively nibble at your skin.

Traffic in indonesia is just as bad as L.A, but with 100 times more motorcyclists. On my first day there I saw some dude with a Hitler-T-shirt making him look like he was some sort of popstar.

The park where we rode was pretty crappy, made from old wood, but on the other hand, I never ride skatepark so it was kinda fun riding some bouncy ramps for a couple days.

I was eating some weird vegetables with rice after the jam and was wondering why it tasted chewy until somebody pointed out to me that I was eating cow skin and fish head. The mosquito bites in Indonesia are of an epic size too...In the restaurant they had fanta with milk and cigarettes on the menu. Weird.

Kids were super happy to get some stickers, I never could have brought enough to give away to them, they all put them on their bikes right away.