Pete Sawyer

WTP in Athens

WTP in Athens

Athens seemed like a perfect destination, the sun always seems to be shining and the spots always look like something from a super ghetto escape from LA meets the Gladiator film

WTP at the Vans Rebel Jam

WTP at the Vans Rebel Jam

Here’s our video including our riders from the 2014 Rebel Jam. Including runs from practice and finals from Ed Zunda, Mike Curley, Maxime Charveron, Pete Sawyer and Mo Nussbaumer.

Pete Sawyer's Sterling Thoughts Beddows photo

When I first got the chance to design my handlebar the formally named Wham bar I was so happy! Like most people nowadays I wanted a taller handle bar to make things a little easier and feel a lot nicer. I had been running the already high Mad Max bars (8.7") but thought I wanted a little more and had the 9.2" built, with a little more upsweep than most two piece bars (3°) to save your wrists a bit more on bigger drops.

Then being offered a frame and fork to match I was overwhelmed; It was such an amazing opportunity that I had to take it. I've always been interested in frame geometry and seeing how different parts could completely change the feel of how your bike rides.

I designed my bike to have a low BB height of 11.5 to give you the feeling you're really in the bike and not just standing on top of it, matching that with a nice 9" stand over to give it a nice tall feeling without having to borrow Ryan Nyquist seat post.

Its also got a 69° seat tube angle opposed to the traditional 71° to give it a shorter wheelbase while still allowing a lot of top tube clearance, which is something I look for in every frame I ride.

A short backend of 13.3" slammed, 75° head tube angle and the short wheel base all add up to having a very responsive while not being too twitchy frame, it comes in 21.2" 20.9" and 20.6" top tube sizes for everybodys different styles and sizes.

The forks are the ideal match for the frame with the drops outs being the same design, I had them made to a 32mm offset so they aren't too twitchy which is something that really gets to me with some modern forks.