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Ten Pack Vancouver tour!

Last month Ten Pack sent Andrew, Greg and my self to Vancouver B.C to film an edit. Let's just say I couldn't get my riding together on this one, but Andrew really came through with some good clips. Greg was half hurt and Sam Lowe was fully out of commission. I love Vancouver so much! Other than it being so expensive and really hard to get around with or with out a car. The spots are good and so are the many Skate-parks. Thanks to Ten pack for getting us a sweet hotel room with an amazing view! I can't wait till the next 10pack trip!

Youngbloods Trip Video

Chester rounded up the AM team and got ‘em all to Portland to start a journey south to Fresno, California. Half the crew had never been to the west coast, so it was good to give them the chance to experience a trip over here. Click the image to view the video or click here. Enjoy. Filmed and Edited by Scott Mcmanamin.

Alaska, The Last Frontier!

BMX isn't everything in my life. Some times you need to step out side the circle and leave the bike at home. I took a trip to Alaska last week with my girl friend to check out the scenery, do a lot of fishing, and keep my eye's open for bears. I will say it's nice not having the hassle of dealing with a Bmx bike at the airport.

Alaska is a place I thought I would never go. Since it seems that it's not really the best environment for riding BMX, It wasn't on my list of places to ride. Lucky for me I enjoy the timeless hobbie of fishing. Now some people would argue that fishing is boring, Lame, and sucks cause you have to get up way too early to go out on the water and freeze your ass off for the chance to catch nothing. But in this case the salmon run started in the Kenai river the day I showed up. I caught so many salmon I couldn't take it all home with me. Two things you gotta have when fishing in Alaska. A gun, and Bear Mace. There are so many bears in Alaska, they sneak up all the time and scare the shit out of people. If one gets out of control and tries to attack you, mace em first. If that don't work then you gotta take em down with the revolver. But bears are safe as long as there not threatened or caught off guard with baby cubs. We had only seen two bears this trip. One on the Kenai river and one on the Russian river. Alaska is a place that i will return to someday. It's true when they say Alaska is the last frontier! It's vast never ending landscape of mountains,Trees, rivers, glaciers and wild life feel untouched by humans. This is what all of the northwest must have looked like before people settled here. If you ever get the chance to go, do it. I didn't know a bunch of ice could be so cool to look at. Chillin in Waders. Bear got this one!

Judgment Day Jam!

Come out and support Mike Tag, May 21st 2011 at the Hillsboro skatepark! BBQ, BMX, and Birthday celebration jam! Were gonna have a ton of product to raffle off, from all the company's listed on the poster. Proceeds go to the Mike Tag cancer fund. Anyway, It's gonna be a good time, and the Hillsboro park is a big kick ass skatepark!

L.A Edit Coming Soon!

The Bank LA - Coming Soon—005 - WTP In LA from The Bank LA on Vimeo.

A Month before our Mexico city adventure, Sam and I went down to visit Andrew in Los Angeles for a few days. Here is a little preview of us in Hollywood. After we went home Max Gaertig showed up in L.A and filmed for the edit as well. Keep your Eyes peeled, It should be out soon.


To be honest I haven't stop traveling since Mexico city. After ten days of Mexico I headed to Phoenix with my girl to catch some sun and give my wrist a break.

First time I have ever been to the Grand Canyon was this trip. I must say you feel a little small when your standing on the edge of it.

South bound and down seems to be non stop for me. When I arrived home this afternoon from Phoenix, I headed over to Goods to find Shad gearing up for a road trip. Him and 7 other Dudes over 31  (Also have been riding longer than most.) from Oregon are headed south to the Old school BMX reunion at Woodward West this weekend.When I found out that the Van had a PS2 and a DVD player in it i had too go! Lucky for me they had one spot left.

adiós Mexico!

Well, our Mexico city adventure came to an end yesterday. I'm pretty sure every one is beat from riding a city with 21 million people for 10 days. My right arm looks like it went through a Mexican meat grinder. The time to heal up has come, Sort out the photos and video clips and get some fresh air. 

Were do start.......? At one point in time I felt like we were in Mexico for 2 months. The stress of being the Team manager and a rider was taking it's toll. Not that i did much riding since i blew my wrist up on the second day and didn't get to ride till the last day. But I can tell you it's not easy worrying about photos and getting content. Knowing how much this trip cost's and trying to keep everyone happy and make sure we are having lots of fun. To be honest I wouldn't trade it for anything. Feels good to plane out a big trip like this and have it be successful. No one got kidnapped, Taken by the corrupt cops and or hit by one of the 6 million cars that drive the city everyday. I'm happy! I will return back to Mexico city again, I know this. Maybe for different reasons, or a different project. I love the culture. I loved just how raw this city can be, Form the poorest of poor,to the richest man in the world living there. The place in unbelievable. So many spots lurk in the side streets. You can spend a life time searching Mexico city for spots and never see it all. The history go's back 10,000 years plus, and it shows. Adiós Mexico, see you again soon.

When I asked Marcas to fill in for Jason Phlean he was hyped! I was excited as well. This being Marcas's first trip to a non English speaking country, It reminded me of how I felt going to a place far off with no idea what to expect. Dealing with massive airports, nervous about getting there and not getting ripped off cause you can't understand anyone. Will I have enough money for the trip? I'm I gonna find good set ups to ride? I believe all of this plus more was going on in Marcas's head. Jason Phelan is not an easy guy to fill in for, but Marcas did a great job. Keeping us laughing the whole time was worth having him on the trip alone.  Just watching him mix with all the culture and random people form other country's in the hostel was highly entertaining. I wanna take Marcas to other country's just to see how he will react or what he would say.

Could there be an easier person to film with than Andrew Jackson? Maybe Maxiem.....Andrew Just gets it done with no problem! He See's it and takes two runs and it's done. He's not as big as a pain in the ass as I might make it out to be. I understand where he is coming from when he says he doesn't want to ride around the city all day. He just wants to drive around, see a spot,  get out and do it, and move on. I envy Andrew's skill in a way. I gotta ride around and get warmed up on the way to finding a spot so I can feel ready for sending it. His powerful bunny hop's didn't stop for ten day's! Everyday he did something wild with ease. I love Andrew's logic on trying to make life easier, with elevators cars and not standing in line unless he has no choice. If you didn't know him you might think he's lazy or something. but that's so far form the truth it's funny. He's a main staple in the WTP team.

Sam Lowe is a boss! He's a power house when it comes to riding. His motivation to ride comes at random times, But when it shows up it's nothing but the best! Sam can drink more than anyone and won't put up with any shit weather you can understand him or not. Sam made a good addition to the trip because his bike riding is serous and he's layed back with no complaints about whats going on at that moment. Just go with the flow and what happens is what happens seems to be Sam's personality.

Seven day's before this trip started, Max Gaertig called me from L.A and told me he blew up his knee! At first i was kinda pissed. When i calmed down I realized that I had done this same thing before major trips in the past. He asked me, if he should even go on the trip? He told me that he was able to pedal around with us but that's about it. I had no question in my mind if he should go on the trip. Having Max on the trip was great even know he couldn't really ride. He was already in L.A and just bought a new video camera. So I told him to come along and film what he wanted, and to put something together and that's what he did. Me and Max have been to quite a few places in the world together and it's always been an adventure. Having him around was great cause it gave me a chance to work on my German, have some shot's of vodka and talk about old times. This trip just gave us more stories to talk about over shot's of vodka the next time I'm in Bonn Germany. Don't count Max out completely! He still found a good set up with little stress on his knee, got the clip and the photo.

Ryan Fudger was the perfect photographer for this trip. He can party, and still be ready to shoot photos the next day. His Common sense kept  me calm when I might have been stressing a little too much about nothing. I never herd one complaint from Ryan about anything. Even when he dislocated his finger trying a gap to wall ride and lost his iphone in a cab one night, He sucked it up and still rode around with us carrying a 50 pound plus camera bag. His photos are perfect and his set up time is tolerable.

Difficult to work with at times, Rich Forne is an amazing Filmer. His vision of what he wants something to look like is very respectable. Rich took a lot of shit on this trip, but also dished out his fare share. Rich works hard waking up hours before everyone else shooting the every day life of the Mexican people. Sometimes trying to get rider to do things the way you want is impossible. This might have caused some stress with everyone. That's OK, His edits speak for them selfs. Rich was really fun to hang out with. His dance moves are priceless and he has a good sense of humor. I'm really excited to see how he puts this edit together.

Maxime Charveron! Holy shit! This dude is a non stop shredding machine! Maxime did so much everyday, Even when he would say "It's my day off!" he would still do something amazing! I've learned a lot about the french just by meeting Maxime. His ability to adapt to any type of obstacle is nothing short of Amazing. To make it even better, riding can just be a big joke to him. He always had a smile on his face on or off his bike. The traffic, Shitty air quality, or mass amounts of people didn't stop Him form killing it!  I'm looking forward to going on another trip with Maxime ASAP!

If there is one person that made this trip even possible, it was Patricio! You could call him a guide, But I would call him the fucking man of the trip!! Patricio made this trip what it is. Hands down one of the best people I have ever met. He took a week off work just to pick us up almost everyday to drive us to spots! Helped us order food and taught us more about Mexico city than I could have read in any book. He warned us where not to go and told us all the best places to go out. If someone needed something he would find it for us. He put up with us being late to get picked up and was on top of it when it was time to go to the next spot. Wise and patient are two words to describe him. Patricio is the main staple in the Mexico city BMX world. He couldn't do it all him self thou, I wouldn't forget Toro, and Chopper and Chris and Wado for all the help and time they gave us. The locals are some of the best Locals I have ever encountered. I really feel like we made friends for life on this trip. Go to Mexico city! If your a good person and respectful these guys will show you the way of the 3rd largest city in the world. Thanks to all who helped us make this trip the best it could be!