On the desk #4 MUGAN Grips 2014

IMG_0133 After introducing the new VEX rubber compound last month we thought we would drop this next 'on the desk' update on the ever popular Mugan grips. It's not the first time I've spoke about my love for this grip, it's just a good feeling type grip, it doesn't wear down too fast and the pattern is nice enough not to offend.

For more details head to the products section and check the video below giving details of our new VEX compound, which all grips will be made.




On the desk #3 SEIZE FRONTLOAD

IMG_0112 We've been making BMX stems for over 15 years now, thats enough time to really understand how simple or complicated a stem can be. We take everything into consideration when starting to draw a stem, we plan carefully and together with our riders we discuss options of every kind.

The Seize is made from 6061-T6 alloy and its full CNC machined. It has a 53mm reach and every detail and part has been machined to minimise weight. Its got a unique offset rear for improved clamping and it comes in this awesome gold finish.


If you wanna know more, hit up the products section. Meanwhile, heres some photos we snapped in the office.







On the desk #2 TOXIC PEGS

IMG_0079 The plastic peg has certainly revoltionsied BMX, or at least for street riding but it shouldn't be that we forget about the OG steel pegs. One of the greatest things about BMX is that we are all different and we all prefer different set ups, it makes our sport all that more interesting.


We never stopped making the Toxic pegs even though theres a heavy number of riders switching to plastic, personally we love the sound of these 4130 crmo heat-treated pegs when they slide an old rusty steel rail.


They are double butted and have a dent prevention design to make them last that little bit longer in the shape they came in. Toxic pegs have anti-spin bolts and a smaller diameter for more peg clearance.


You can get these in raw or galvanised and they weigh 0.72Lbs per pair and the are 4" long.


If you still love to grind hard and make some sparks then give these a go. For more specs and info hit up the product section.