Ten Pack Vancouver tour!

Last month Ten Pack sent Andrew, Greg and my self to Vancouver B.C to film an edit. Let's just say I couldn't get my riding together on this one, but Andrew really came through with some good clips. Greg was half hurt and Sam Lowe was fully out of commission. I love Vancouver so much! Other than it being so expensive and really hard to get around with or with out a car. The spots are good and so are the many Skate-parks. Thanks to Ten pack for getting us a sweet hotel room with an amazing view! I can't wait till the next 10pack trip!

Jason Phelan Behind the Scenes

I love this one by Rich Forne! It has some of my favorite people in it. Jason, Itamar and Tal! It made me miss Israel in a way, I think maybe cause I got broke off in the same spot last year, or it reminded me of just how beautiful the women are in Tel Aviv! Or how cool the security guards can be. Ether way, Enjoy this cause it's also a reminder of how hard it can be when your out filming.