Wethepeople Welcomes Tom Weikert

Today we are beyond excited to welcome fresh blood to the Wethepeople family. 18 year old Tom  Weikert hails from the South of Germany and has been blowing minds just about every time he sets his feet on his pedals. Tom might not be a name you're familiar with right now, but expect that to change from today.

We got the chance to hang with Tom a few times over the Summer, and after seeing just how hard he rides, combined with his positive and hard working attitude, it only made sense to bring him on board our international AM team. Tom just built up a brand new Dan Kruk BATTLESHIP setup and will be making the journey to Cologne next month to come stay with his homie Felix Prangenberg to start work on his first Wethepeople project. Take a look at Tom's new setup and find out a bit more about our new secret weapon from Germany.

Tom might not be a name you’re familiar with right now, but expect that to change from today.


Frame: WTP BATTLESHIP 20.75", Dan Kruk Trans Black Colourway

Fork: WTP BATTLESHIP 24mm offset

Bars: WTP "BUCK" Dillon Lloyd signature 9.15" rise, 25.4mm OS clamping, cut to 28"

Grips/Barends: WTP Manta super thin, super soft rubber

Stem: WTP Hydra 25.4mm OS version, 30mm rise

Headset: WTP Compact

Seat: ECLAT BIOS Prototype

Seatpost: ECLAT Torch Pivotal 230mm

Bottom Bracket: WTP Compact

Sprocket: WTP Pathfinder

Chain: ECLAT Stroke

Cranks: WTP Legacy 165mm

Pedals: SALTPLUS Stealth

Tires: WTP Overbite 2.35"

Front wheel: WTP Supreme/Logic

Front wheel: WTP Helix/Logic

Pegs: ECLAT Venom 4,5" x4

Yo Tom what's good? What are you doing right now?

Yeah everything's pretty good right now! I‘m on my way to my apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic. After work or school I‘m always up on my bike riding at my local or in the streets of Munich.

First of all welcome to the family and Happy Birthday! What does it mean for you to be a part of Wethepeople?

Thanks for everything! I‘m super happy to be a part of Wethepeople and looking forward to have some good times with the team especially with Felix. My bike is riding so sweet right now, crazy to think I started riding on a Wethepeople Arcade complete bike in 2011 and now I'm riding for the brand. Stoked!

Tell us about your bike, it's looking super good right now. What's your favourite part of your new whip?

I love all the parts on it and I really can‘t say which part is my favorite because the whole geometry of the bike just feels awesome. Everything is working perfectly together and it rides super smooth. It's a more responsive bike than my last one, I'm loving it for all the balance stuff like nose manuals or manual combos. 

How's the Battleship frame feeling? 

I love the look of the frame with the hydro formed tubing and the clean brakeless design. I ride the 20.75” toptube and it works super well with the short chainstay on the frame. it’s the geometry I prefer and I can't imagine riding anything else.

You're from the South of Germany. Tell us about your local scene and what you guys get up to?

Yes I live in a small town called Dingolfing. It’s a one hour drive from Munich, pretty close to the Bavarian Forest. In my home town and a 3 min bike ride away from my house we have one of the best parks in Germany. I‘m so lucky that I have this and it allows me to ride pretty much every day. Since we've had this park, the scene in my town is awesome. We ride together every day and we're all friends which makes sessions super fun. We try to ride everyday together between work and school, and on the weekend we're mostly on the way to other cities or events to go ride. We're often getting the train to Munich to go rider street because there are so many undiscovered spots there which no one ever rides. We're currently working on a scene DVD which will hopefully be finished soon.

You're pretty good friends with Felix, how did you two meet?

I think it was at the Highway to Hill in Berlin last year. Really don’t know how it exactly started but I know that we came in our first conversation while eating Döner with his girlfriend, Smiley and my homeboys. After that we met again at the Freedombmx awards in Munich earlier this year. Since than we stayed in contact and try to ride together as much as we can.

What are your plans for the rest of the Summer?

Summer is going to be sweet. I'm stoked to have 3 weeks free from work in August, so I can travel around with my car around Germany and start work on my Wethepeople video Also I plan to come back to Cologne to Film with Felix for a split video part.. In mid August I will travel with the team from my local shop to Slovenia for a project. For the rest of the Summer I just plan on riding my bike, having a good time and hopefully avoiding the winter as long as possible.

Photos by Sebastian Marggraff.

Look out for more from Tom over the Summer and be sure to make sure you're following this kid on Instagram @tom_weikert